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research and development

The development of an efficient engineering service depends to a high degree on the material and human resources of the company. For this reason, Voltrain is fully committed to the Innovation and Development of its own tools, which in addition to optimizing the work, allow them to be adapted to the new demands of national and international markets; added to getting a competent advantage over other engineering companies without this exclusive development.



Voltrain Power Supply. Energy demand analysis. Determination of dynamic and electrical parameters of a railway installation.
This tool allows to know the operating capacity of a railway installation from the electrical point of view. It allows the correct design and dimensioning of the scenario on which a railway installation is going to be executed. From the configuration of the track layout, radii, curves, superelevations, etc., the vehicles or rolling stock are made to move with a certain frequency of circulation. Once the train dynamics scenario has been established, the installation is configured from an electrical point of view; that is, the track system, the catenary and power system. With the static and dynamic scenario, you have to determine the energy required to allow the movement of rolling stock.


Voltrain Inductions. Electromagnetism analysis in railway installations.
The Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive affects all electronic equipment, so they are applicable in the railway industry. Today, electromagnetic compatibility is an essential requirement for the design of a railway installation to be reliable and safe, and therefore to comply with the standards of reliability, availability, maintainability and safety (RAMS). Using this software, it is possible to determine the inductive value in full operation of an installation and at any point in it, with the main objective of minimizing or reducing it as much as possible as indicated in the Directive.


Voltrain Stray Currents. Analysis and study of the evolution of stray currents.
As established in the UNE EN50122-2 standard, direct current traction systems can cause stray currents that could negatively affect both the railway itself and surrounding outdoor facilities, when the return circuit is not sufficiently well isolated from the ground. The main effects of stray currents can be corrosion and consequent damage to metal structures; in addition to risks of overheating, arcs and even fires. With this tool, we can determine the evolution of stray currents taking into account the current density flowing through the line and the degree of insulation of the installation.


Voltrain Ground Calculator. Definition and analysis of grounding networks and mass of railway installations.
From the point of view of the safety and reliability of the facilities, a determining item is the correct dimensioning of the ground network installation. The purpose of grounding installations is to establish the electrical conditions that allow a safe operation of the installations, considering both the safety of the people and that of the installation itself. Using this tool, based on the data for maximum diffusion intensity or short-circuit power and the nature of the terrain, the design of the completely optimized and particularized ground network mesh is configured.