Engineering services


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Engineering services

Drafting of construction projects, basic projects, legalization projects, project documents, specific annexes, etc.

Direct technical consulting

Direct technical advice and consultations that are fast and tailored to the needs. Study of bids, technical-economic analysis, etc.

Design and planning

Definition of stakeout, location of catenary elements, specific calculations, measurements and work evaluations.

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engineering services

design and layout of facilities
-Analysis of Alternatives and planning
-Technical - economic feasibility studies
-Definition of feeding system
-Layout plans
-Profile plans
-Electrical calculations
-Mechanical calculations

Technical monitoring

-Definition and design of facilities
-Project development
-Monitoring in the work execution phase
-Modifications to the project
-As-built documentation

Private Studies

-Maintenance Plans
-Wandering currents
-Energy demands
-Energy efficiency
-RAMS Studies
-Risk analysis
-Interoperability studies
-Reports and annexes
-Preparation of Technical Documentation
-Study of tenders